LED general lighting in "cool"? New machine for automobile lighting

Release time :2016-11-21 08:57:15

With the development and maturity of the LED industry, the profit in the field of general lighting has been greatly reduced. In the next period of time, in addition to the recognized intelligent lighting, automotive lighting industry with high gross profit and broad market potential, will become another major profit growth point.

According to relevant research institutions statistics, in 2015 the car lighting market value of 605 million U.S. dollars in, the forecast will rise to $611 million in 2020, the next 5 years, the overall output value is slightly growing. Among them, the highest growth for the car panel lights, estimated annual compound growth rate of 3%. In addition, 2015~2020 car lighting LED market value of compound growth rate of 8%, the direction of the light, fog lights are more than 8% growth, headlight module (near light) LED package production compound annual growth rate is as high as 11%.


With the sustained growth of the LED market, one is for LED lighting automotive OEMs to speed up the import of new models, including headlights; on the other hand, the rapid growth of new energy vehicles on the market, LED lighting energy-saving lamp demand significantly.

According to the bulletin issued by the National Bureau of statistics, as of 2015, China's car ownership has reached 163 million. In a short period of 10 years, China's auto market sales have increased from 88 billion yuan in 2005 to 800 billion yuan in 2015, continued rapid development of the lighting market is full of huge business opportunities. For suffering from the "low profit" torment LED manufacturers, the car is just like a LED field is one of the few volume and price rise of the blue ocean market.

LED according to the enterprise under a force point

Car LED market size continues to grow, coupled with the current average gross profit margin is generally more than 20%, or even higher (the gross margin of the market in front of more than 50% reported), making LED manufacturers actively invest in this area.

However, due to the threshold of car headlights in the heat, reliability, brightness, high demand is currently approved the use of the LED car factory manufacturers are still in Japan Nichia, Germany's OSRAM, PHILPS and other international manufacturers, Chinese mainland firms are still unable to contend with. At present, the main market and the Taiwan LED factory, or in the car tail lights and interior lights such as dashboard backlight etc, such as the the Great Wall, Chery and other brands mainly adopts Taiwan beads, assembled lamp fittings factory.


However, profit margins and market potential still make the majority of LED manufacturers in droves, local enterprises Chinese, is through a variety of ways to force the automotive lighting market.

In July 2015, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rui optoelectronics optoelectronics and Beiqi Silver Cheung signed a "cooperation framework agreement". Rui photoelectric branch offices in Chongqing City, for Silver Cheung's production of automotive lamps and automotive applications LED products (including car lights, lights, interior lights, decorative lights, electronic instrument application, GPS/DVD display etc.) in addition, Rui photoelectric customers including Chery, Foton, Zotye etc..

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