In addition to connectivity, intelligent lighting development where is the key?

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Into the era of intelligent, light bulbs have not only the function of lighting, LED lighting has been from the functional lighting era into the era of intelligent lighting. In the future, what is the market potential? What are the challenges and opportunities?

Intelligent lighting industry value added

LEDinside editor in chief Lin Changming pointed out that, whether it is traditional lighting, or LED lamps, the market size are down. He believes that intelligent lighting (lighting smart) for the industry to bring new development direction, and to enhance the market value of the lighting.

He explained that the smart lighting is the development of smart home (home smart), as well as smart city (City Smart) cut point. "We use the lights at least 12 to 8 hours a day, as long as the device sensor, we can collect the user's big data, so as to improve indoor and urban lighting quality and temperature and so on, to achieve energy efficiency. "

Domestic market growth potential

Lin Changming quoted data, intelligent lighting market in recent years the rapid development of the global commercial market, which although occupied the largest proportion in 2015, up to 74%, but is expected in 2020, the relevant proportion will be reduced to 51%; on the other hand, the market is expected to Home Furnishing ratio from 10% in 2015 to 31% in 2020, the largest increase, also is the opportunity where.

He said, PHILPS (Philips) launched Hue intelligent LED lighting in 2012, using the ZigBee short-range low power Hue agreement, the collocation of Bridge bridge, connecting the Wi-Fi wireless router at home, through the color and brightness of lighting control switch, intelligent mobile phone, but because the price is too high, not into the domestic market.

Unified standard convenient application

Lin Changming, for example, Sony published earlier this year, Light Multifunctional smart lights products, because the price is relatively reasonable, relatively suitable for home market. He said: "the product in addition to lamps can control the whole house, and according to the mood and change the light bulb color, can make use of Wi-Fi devices connected to different countries, and then to the intelligent mobile phone to control, because the room automatically switch lights, TV, air conditioning and other appliances Home Furnishing. "

He believes that the Internet of things (IoT) will be the main driving force for the development of intelligent lighting market, to attract different brands to join the market. By then, the Internet of things will be a unified wireless communications system, and expected to be high degree of popularity of ZigBee.

Simple is smart

International Ltd Neonlite managing director Bass Fred on the English abbreviation "K.I.S.S." to describe the future development of intelligent lighting the key: "simple is intelligent. He stressed that intelligent lighting products to avoid the use of complex terminology or difficult to install the program, so as not to fear the use of home.

Bass Fred mentioned that the public will use the lighting every day. Therefore, intelligent lighting in addition to the need to connect a variety of devices, the interface must be simple and easy to operate.

Internet of things to promote the development of

Leedarson Lighting Holdings Pte Ltd networking business sales and marketing director Kellen Yang believes that the Internet makes different objects intelligent link, to further promote the rapid development of intelligent Home Furnishing and smart city. As the lighting system is needed for daily life, so in the smart home, even in the development of smart cities, have played an important role.

She said that alone is not enough to connect all kinds of equipment. "If you want to download an application for each object, you will need to launch the application to connect to the object when you arrive home. That's not smart. She stressed that intelligence is a step into the home, the sensor automatically start all the connection features, and then immediately collect a large data, and then the data sent to the Information Center for analysis.

Security privacy concerns

In addition, Kellen Yang quoted the German market research company GFK digital, 48% of the respondents expressed concern about the security of intelligent lighting system of consumers, there are more than half of fear of disclosure of personal privacy, reflect the intelligent lighting industry in the face of challenges.

She believes that the intelligent lighting system in addition to the connectivity, also need to have the compatibility and stability, and the operation should be simple and reasonable pricing, in order to popularity in the domestic market.

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