The rapid development of the Internet, "tight LED lighting + application

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"The third generation semiconductor materials play a huge role in China's next economic development, especially in the industrial transformation. To actively to the third generation of semiconductor materials and application layout, so that the third generation of semiconductor materials has become a new hot spot for innovation and industrial development in china." Said Cao Jianlin, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, China in many fields such as semiconductor lighting, a new generation of mobile communications and is working to promote the new energy power grid, smart grid, rail transportation, new energy vehicles, consumer electronics and other fields are the biggest market in the world, the third generation of semiconductor materials in the future should also have the most promising.

According to the director of the national development and Reform Commission, central information secretary for any tree of the said, in order to further optimize and improve the policy environment and the LED lighting industry market environment, the current "development plan" in 13th Five-Year LED lighting industry is researching and developing, and to solicit opinions from the relevant departments, to be released at the end of the year. "The basic measure is that in 2020 China's semiconductor lighting industry overall output value will reach 1 trillion yuan, LED lighting products market share can reach about 60%."

Semiconductor lighting industry support will be overweight

At present, a new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution is creating new opportunities for the development of history, the environment at home and abroad and profound changes have taken place in the semiconductor lighting industry, and stood in the new historical starting point.

Cao Jianlin said that the world's multi-level, economic globalization, diversification, social information in the development of. The technology has spawned the development of intelligent network and intelligent, "Internet plus", sharing economy new technology, new economy, new formats, has also brought many new problems. China is accelerating the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, whether it is education, R & D or industry, are faced with great opportunities for development.

"This is my country" in 13th Five-Year of the first year, around the promotion of science and technology and economic integration, to mobilize the enthusiasm of scientific and technological strength, from central to local, have introduced some very good policy. Semiconductor lighting industry in the future need to continue to advance with the times, to promote cross-border, innovation, integration, development, continue to open mind, embrace change." Cao Jianlin said.

In 2013, China promulgated the "semiconductor lighting energy saving industry planning". According to Ren Shuben introduction, as of 2015, LED lighting products in the domestic market share by industry planning of 20% rose to more than 30% now, LED lighting industry output value reached 450 billion yuan from the 560 billion yuan of industrial planning, industrial planning target overfulfiled.

As a major power consumption, lighting is an important part of China's energy consumption. "Annual lighting electricity consumption of about 13% of the country, but still maintain a rising trend. China's lighting industry, energy conservation technology, management level and the international advanced level compared to a certain gap, the lighting industry to improve energy efficiency and energy-saving emission reduction potential is great." Ren Shu ren.

Any tree of the said, "13th Five-Year" is a crucial period for China's semiconductor lighting industry development, the national development and Reform Commission will focus on promoting the top-level design; promote the core technology and high-end product development and industrialization; leading China LED lighting enterprises to develop international cooperation capacity, to encourage enterprises to introduce new technology abroad, and digestion, absorption and innovation and to strengthen cross-border integration; encourage enterprises to actively explore foreign markets through overseas investment and infrastructure construction in a variety of ways, driving the domestic LED products and technologies of "going out" etc..

"LED lighting +" Application on the air outlet

Rapid development of the Internet, Internet of things, intelligent lighting and other stations to the wind". When LED plus Internet, Internet of things, the lighting industry has opened the big screen smart lighting. Enterprise network production line of HUAWEI Technologies Co. Ltd. chief technology officer Zhou Wu believes that the rapid development of the Internet of things and LED lighting technology, brings a IOT to build intelligent street lighting and street lamp based on network to build a smart city in the new era.

"Things will explode, the future can reach 1 trillion and 900 billion yuan market scale, the wisdom of the city is a part of things worth mining," LED+ network "can become the connection point of the wisdom of the city." Zhou Wu said.

At present, the global semiconductor lighting industry is in the key period of the development of multi power, is full of changes, opportunities and challenges. OSRAM vice president FrankHOHN said today, intelligent and networking affect all aspects of people's lives, and LED is no exception, as the LED in the industrial development, AR/VR, can be used in many fields such as wearable devices, smart city.

He said, in relation to the performance of light quality, health and happiness, from the user's point of view, related to the quality of health, performance, circadian rhythm and sleep; from the environmental point of view, is related to the balance of demand and energy efficiency; from the perspective of industry, is related to innovation, sustainable development and high additional products the value of the. "LED should eventually achieve win-win."

With the progress of technology, LED lighting by the replacement of the application to the demand for lighting and beyond the lighting, semiconductor lighting products to enhance the value, light quality, LED applications in the field of health and so become the focus. The eye hospital of Wenzhou Medical University Dean Qu Jia said, lighting and myopia and visual fatigue are closely related, artificial lighting, illumination intensity, spectral properties, illumination time and light, light parts etc. should be seriously investigated. Lighting is also related to skin and mucous membrane disease, nervous and mental diseases, etc.. At the same time, lighting is also good。

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