Landscape lighting and ultra powerful searchlights disable energy standards wil

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Light performance is an important factor in rendering the atmosphere of space, light decoration and artistic expressive lighting means is the use of lighting performance to beautify the environment of space square, and the use of color coordinate lamp, the environment has some atmosphere and mood, reflect a style, increase the city square beauty, make the environment space square more in line with people's psychological and physiological requirements, so as to get the psychological balance of beauty and enjoyment.

Then the global implementation of energy-saving emission reduction measures to protect the environment and reduce the consumption of the earth's resources, promote the development of ecological balance today; people first thought is the source of lighting and other energy consumption capacity of energy-saving measures, resulting in the lack of electricity today, how to achieve energy-saving lighting has become a universal topic. Data show that China's lighting electricity consumption accounted for about 12% of total electricity consumption, more than 400 billion kwh, equivalent to almost a year of Britain's national electricity consumption. So we have to consider the transformation and limitation of large-scale electric field;
The Ministry of housing and urban construction and development and Reform Commission recently issued a notice, called on all localities to strictly control public facilities and large-scale buildings and landscape lighting landscape lighting energy consumption, strictly control the scale of construction, and resolutely eliminate inefficient lighting products.
Two department requirements, all localities should strictly prohibit the construction of landscape lighting projects, energy consumption intensity exceed the standard, prohibited the use of powerful searchlights in landscape lighting, high-power floodlights, large neon lamp with high brightness and high energy consumption lamps.
10, the reporter from the Ministry of housing and urban rural construction in Nanchang held a "City Lighting Management Regulations" Publicizing the meeting that the "Regulations" management city lighting will come into effect on July 1st this year. In the future, the city landscape lighting in excessive lighting and other ultra energy consumption standards, and overdue correction, will be sentenced to more than 30 thousand yuan 1000 yuan fine.
As everyone knows, city lighting power consumption is huge, especially in some city, the use of powerful searchlights in landscape lighting high-power floodlights, large neon lamp, high pressure mercury lamp is still used in road lighting inefficient or substandard products, these are undoubtedly caused a huge waste. In addition, many large public buildings has become a major energy consuming. Jiang billion China Academy of engineering survey in Beijing as samples, found that the energy consumption of large public buildings basically for ordinary residential 10 ~ 15 times, of which more than 20% of the electricity comes from lighting "contribution". Therefore, strengthening the management of city lighting, lighting products and high energy consuming system energy-saving imperative.

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