The company has established a complete ISO9001:2008 international quality management system, all activities in the system to ensure, control and implementation. Our company is committed to the following after-sales service.
Service organization and force

The company has a sound service network of customer service, including installation and maintenance service team dedicated (membership sales), regular visits and information feedback of users (Sales), installation guidance and technical consulting (technology). The company in order to ensure the smooth delivery of the bidding products, and the production and delivery of the whole process to strengthen monitoring, the company set up the following services:

Note: after receiving the maintenance of telephone users, in the first time to the customer service service center information feedback, and feedback to the deputy general manager of sales director, deputy general manager immediately called the sales manager and technical director of product maintenance, determine the maintenance program. From the sales department, technical department, financial, material, installation quality inspection departments to implement maintenance material procurement, processing, inspection, and then by the customer service service center to send technical personnel on-site service in the shortest time, until the fault is removed.

Two, after-sales service content
1, the company promises: warranty under normal use conditions, ensure the lamp does not appear to fade, crack, rust, repair three years, pole and flange connection weld full, without sand holes. The lamp used for more than 5 years, the use of more than 10 years, after 1 years of electrical light. When the repair time is failure to repair, no more than 24 hours, if not at the required time to repair, you have the right to arrange for repairs, the cost incurred by the burden of our. The damage caused by natural disasters and man-made factors is not within the scope of quality assurance.
2, the company's commitment to repair: repair response time is 1 hours, 12 hours arrived at the scene maintenance, maintenance on-site implementation of continuous work, completely within 24 hours of troubleshooting.
3, equipment acceptance: the company's commitment to provide equipment and materials must be the acceptance, if there is any quality problems (such as do not meet the technical requirements, the appearance of injury) immediately to the same types of equipment replacement in use within the prescribed period of time, to ensure the quality of the goods.
4, spare parts commitment: in the design of the equipment life cycle, the company to ensure that the use of the original factory to replace authentic parts, in order to ensure the normal use of equipment.
5, technical training before delivery at the end of a project after the contract agreed by the parties, by my company to send the relevant professional and technical personnel to use free training workers for user operation, training contents include: introduce the manufacture process, the lamp pole, the construction organization design is introduced, the specific installation method of pole lamp the use of lighting, maintenance methods etc.. The final purpose of the training is: let the use of units to understand the production process of the lighting fixtures, installation methods, routine maintenance methods, so that the service life of the product can be guaranteed.
6, other services: our company is responsible for the installation and commissioning of all the goods. 7, after the warranty period warranty commitment: only replacement parts costs, other expenses for free.
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